School Gardening is promoted among Nutrition Clubs to ensure active participation of club members with a promise to create a green-healthier community and to emphasize on consuming fresh grown organic vegetables and fruits. The Joymontop High School Nutrition Club Members organized a school gardening activity at the school premises on 23rd July, 2019.
With an interest to push their thinking beyond the traditional gardening system, the Nutrition Club members planned to create a ‘Thematic School Garden’. They selected “National Flag of Bangladesh” as a theme and planted green and red color leafy vegetable seedlings; and another theme was “Rainbow Garden”, where they planted seven distinct colored vegetables which will appear like rainbow once they grow. The idea accentuated patriotic feeling, nature-loving and growing diverse crop-varieties. The versatile Nutrition Club members planted vegetable seeds, like pui shak, lal shak, data shak, chilli, radish, brinzal, coriander leaves, tomato on the prepared bed under the guidance of club mentor, local SAAO and BIID. They also planted four mango trees at the boundary of the garden area.
BIID appreciates JHSNC for conducting such activities and for their active participation.