Activity-1: Workshop on understanding basic nutrition and create awareness among students at educational institute

Activity-2: Nutrition awareness building campaign at community level

Activity-3: Social media campaign on nutrition.


To build the capacity of the NC volunteers, BIID facilitate ToT program on basic nutrition and on soft skills to manage the NC efficiently towards delivering activities. ToTs are organized in collaboration with partners of Nutrition Club initiative who assist through providing technical expertise, content development, support in field visit and in developing communication tools.



An annual event on nutrition will take place to bring all the Nutrition Clubs in a same platform and relevant stakeholders will be invited to showcase, knowledge share and network among actors. BIID will also recognize the Best NC, Best Leader and Best Volunteer during the event.

BIID will organize policy advocacy activities to discuss & recommend on the regulatory environment, analysis the institutional capacity, develop community of practice, communication

initiatives towards behavioral change. The main objective of advocacy workshops is to initiate awareness for the improvement of nutrition condition among the stakeholders.

BIID will foster research activities through the NC networks which will cover action research, survey, academic research etc. Also applied research will be initiated on all aspects of nutritional sciences.