Food Safety Awareness Campaign by Joymontop High School Nutrition Club (JHSNC) has taken place at Joymontop Local Market, Singair, Manikganj.

As part of regular Nutrition Club activities, Joymontop High School Nutrition Club (JHSNC) members organized an awareness campaign on Food Safety at the Joymontop local market on 7th July, 2019. Considering the growing concern of safe food and health issues, JHSNC members reached out to motivate the local fruit businesses to sell safe and local fruits. They also encouraged the shopkeepers to promote and sale locally grown chemical free seasonal fruits by maintaining the required safety measures. The members successfully met 4-5 shopkeepers in team and also distributed food safety leaflets as part of the awareness campaign.
BIID team appreciate the efforts of Joymontop High School Nutrition Club members and wishing them success in every activity they conduct in future.