Nutrition Club is a platform for volunteers for capacity building, knowledge dissemination and awareness building on nutrition among the targeted communities. Nutrition Club will be managed within franchisee framework where different educational institutions will host NC independently under common mandate and goal.

Nutrition Club provides an experiential learning and teaching opportunity for volunteers in agricultural extension, nutrition and rural development. Nutrition clubs provides a platform for stakeholders who work with nutrition.  Nutrition clubs will play an encouraging role to build awareness among people about nutrition, healthy eating and enabling food security in urban and rural areas.

The Nutrition Club will be formed under direct guidance of the assigned faculties and recruit volunteers from respective educational institutions and a selected executive body or committee will be formed to organize, lead and coordinate the club activities to achieve the vision of Nutrition Club.

  • Create and nurture a cadre of youth volunteers with necessary skills and knowledge on basic nutrition.

  • Foster awareness on nutrition and health food practices in society.

  • Facilitate linkages and capacity building to address malnutrition among communities.

  • Integrate ICT enabled solution to create an efficient knowledge sharing platform.

A nutrition rich healthy society in rural and urban areas where all citizens are aware and have access to nutrition related information and foods.

  • Engaging youth, primarily students and building their capacity (on Nutrition knowledge, Communication Skills and Volunteerism).

  • Partnership will be the key strategy for Nutrition club which includes academic institutes, private sector, public institutes, development organizations and media.

  • NC will operate independently under a franchisee network framework of BIID.